The guys over at UXPin have produced this excellent new Web UI Design Patterns 2014 e-Book.

The book is 195 pages long and studies UI design patterns from some of the biggest players on the web; Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Amazon and many more. This is not a ‘design porn’ book that just shows pretty pictures, it illustrates why certain UI patterns are effective for certain scenarios, explaining why they are used for various scenarios.

In all there are 63 design patterns and solutions to common web UI problems, including the
following topics:

  • How do you make your web user experience as easy as possible for your user without sacrificing functionality?
  • How can you adapt your web UI to the emergence of touch screens and responsive design?
  • What are the key differences between large and small touchscreen devices that have led to new UI conventions, and what design patterns can you use to best address these new practices?
  • What specific UI patterns make for the cleanest and most intuitive web UI?
If you’re into mobile design, there is also a free Mobile UI Patterns 2014 eBook available too.