Fileloupe is a high-performance file viewer for OSX. You can view photos, videos, PDFs and other document types.

Of course you can already do this via your Mac Finder, the preview application etc, so why would you need this app? Speed is the answer. When they claim that Fileloupe is ‘high-performance’ they aren’t kidding. I’ve just tried the demo copy and it’s insanely fast.

Unlike most existing applications that are designed for browsing your media, Fileloupe does not use a master library or proprietary database. As a result, there’s no lengthy import process and Fileloupe never moves or copies your files in any way. You also never have to worry about managing multiple libraries or rebuilding databases.

Once you’ve added your chosen media you can use Fileloupe’s smart filter bar to filter the items that are displayed based on their type or their name. For even more control, you can choose a specific file type to filter on and which part of the item’s name to match against.

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