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The latest and greatest apps to enhance your digital world

Current makes Facebook better on Mac

Whilst most of us mainly access Facebook via our smartphones and tablets, there are times when you may be working on a desktop and laptop computer and may want to access...

Stache: Smarter Bookmarks for Mac and iOS

Stache is a lovely bookmarking app for Mac OSX and iOS devices. Using a web browser for bookmarking can become a little unwieldy if you have a large amount of bookmarks...

Google Maps Gets Redesign for Android and iOS

Google's bold new Material Design style is making it's way to Google Maps on both Android and iOS devices. All of Google's major apps will be getting a design update, this...

Flipboard 3.0 launches with fresh new design

Flipboard have just launched version 3.0 of its news aggregation app for Android and iOS devices, this new version boasts a new UI and a range of new features to make...