Google has released a new version of its Bookmark manager for the Google Chrome web browser.

This extension was formerly known as ‘Google Stars’, now the revised version has been imaginatively named ‘Bookmark Manager’. Whilst the name isn’t very inspiring, this new extension is actually a big improvement on the old version.

Offering a more visual approach to your bookmarked favourites, Bookmark Manager allows to save an image and note when you add a new bookmark. Your bookmarks will also automatically be assigned to a parent topic, ie, photography, design etc. If you don’t like the idea of this you can still label and organise to your own preferences as before.

You can also share your bookmarks, say you have a folder of some of your favourite sites that you think a friend may like, you can now make that folder public and share the link with whomever you’d like to access it. All of your other bookmarks will remain private, which is probably for the best in some cases.

You can download Bookmark Manager from the Chrome Web Store.